The Sun-Beaten Puddle

[anosmically defunct]

Rebecca Galardo aka "Sadie Franklin"
25 June 1983
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I'm an eclectic Buddhist, a pacifist, and a lover of life.

I’m a writer, a filmmaker, a photographer and an artist.

I love the rain. I breathe differently when I rains. I love every version of I Put a Spell on You I've ever heard.

I'm in love and married to this wonderful man. He’s gosh-darn HAWT and he’s MINE and I like to show him off. He’s meh arm candy. He's got brains too, heehee, but who cares about them.

Grey Mouser is and always will be de shit. I miss her every day.

I like a good thunderstorm, wet sand between my toes, babies in diapered bottoms, a good song while stuck in traffic, a nice breeze, being thrown into a pool fully clothed *WITH* your wallet. My man’s sexah body. I like watching the trailers in movie theatres better than movies, I like the crowded ocean better than the crowded beach, I love flying but not ascending or descending.


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