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The Sun-Beaten Puddle
[anosmically defunct]
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8th-Aug-2011 09:07 pm - 269/365 dreads up!
My Mouser
I gave a new friend four dreads :D Woohoo!
8th-Aug-2011 09:07 pm - 265/365 YUM
My Mouser
8th-Aug-2011 09:05 pm - 249/365 shot
My Mouser
So I submitted a novel to Ellora's Cave. Yay!
8th-Aug-2011 09:04 pm - 246/365 hubby
My Mouser
My sexy fireman.
8th-Aug-2011 09:03 pm - 232/365 travel kit project
My Mouser
Something I created for myself to carry around along with a Fiji water brush.
8th-Aug-2011 09:03 pm - 230/365 tattoo
My Mouser
This picture is from the day before my b-day (June 25)! I love my tattoo.
5th-Jul-2011 05:35 pm - 237/365 sexiest man alive
My Mouser

This man continues to surprise me with his amazingness. I feel luckier to have known him and blessed that he chose me of all of the people in the world to spend the rest of his life with. And I can never do enough to make him feel my love, my admiration and my pride that someone so amazing is mine.

Today we spent the day volunteering for the RCFD's celebration for the 4th of July. I was so proud to ride on top of the fire engine and throw candy, because I was representing my husband. He rode on the back with two other fire fighters while kids and two women (other than me) rode on top.

Later he paid for and drove two ready made $5.00 dinner plates (including bbq chicken, baked beans OR green beans, potato salad OR cole slaw, bread and cake) that the RCFD was selling to raise money to our neighbors across the street. Their elderly and she's been sick for awhile. We didn't know she was bed-ridden; Tony only thought that they might like the surprise of a holiday meal. He really made their day. And made me tear up ♥

More pictures of the celebration in my stream.

I got Kiki three presents including some Fancy Feast for her "birthday".
1st-Jul-2011 12:26 pm - 235/365 spider
My Mouser

Today marks one year that Countache and Viper disappeared :(

I saved this little guy's life today! Yay me :) I think. Just don't tell my husband :\

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