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The Sun-Beaten Puddle
[anosmically defunct]
naughty word poetry 
13th-Aug-2014 12:57 pm
My Mouser
From time to time I like to write fucking weird shit down.  All of these words mean something, I know exactly what I am talking about here but I doubt anyone else will.  Obviously I'm no Walt Whitman, but I feel it's a good, fun exercise for the conscious, subconscious and loosening the mind.  It's also not something that you have to struggle with words over because... well...  Have you ever been writing and the word was on the tip of your tongue?  It was hiding behind that wall in your brain that likes to pop up when you're in the flow?  Yeah, of course you have.

With this kind of poetry, words that pop up instead work perfectly.  Heehee.  I call it the 'Naughty Word Poetry' but not in the fun way the word 'Naughty' might have you thinking.

there was no way
the death of this woman
was starfishing
in the sky

the black fur
restrained by flaking silver
and the flecks of gold
and green
in the round

underlying Siamese twin
left breasts unexposed
to light
and the
orange glass
strangled the web

pink and yellow
enclosed in plastic
the tips both up and down
the leather cord forcing
the ball to look
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