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The Sun-Beaten Puddle
[anosmically defunct]
23/365 jerk 
24th-Jan-2012 12:03 pm
My Mouser

Okay, so I am the one that found a pathetic, scrawny cat (barely visible in the bottom left hand corner). I am the one that went out every day and called for him to come back. Finally he shows up. I woke up EVERY morning and fed the little shit (I call him this somewhat lovingly; no worries).

He began to fill out a bit and became more and more comfortable with me.

*I* am the one that tried to convince Tony that he would be okay as an inside cat. Tony finally agreed to try it out, if Meankitty was neutered.

So I slowly saved up the money (no small feat considering how little I am currently pulling in) while still going outside every morning to feed him and 2 or 3 times a day just to pet and love on him. Luckily he was already neutered, so he just needed the rabies shot.

Finally I get him inside. He lives with us for months while Tony, for the most part, ignores the cats. Once and a while he'll pet or play with or talk to one of them. He's been getting more friendly with them.

But me? I pet them all day, I talk to them, I feed them and play with them.

And Meankitty has NEVER ONCE jumped on my lap or lain on my chest of his own accord.

Last night, out of the blue, he jumps on Tony's lap, cleans himself and settles down.

Fucking jerk.

ETA: Tony has happily pointed out that Meankitty also chooses to sleep right next to him, under the covers and by his legs OR by his shoulders. Instead of me. I sleep soundly and toss and turn far less. And Tony tends to kick. And punch. And spaz out.

Fucking jerk.
1st-Feb-2012 12:08 am (UTC)
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